Video Editing

When it comes to content creation, capturing video is only one part of the process. What happens next is every bit as important.
Edit Suite
Color Correction
Color Grading

Sure, we have two fully equipped edit suites. But our most valuable assets are the two experienced editors who work in them. They’re able to use the latest technology to help tell a story that will grab and hold viewers’ attention and make sure that your message is delivered. 

Plus, with 50TB of shared storage, they’re able to collaborate on projects and fluidly switch from one project to another for maximum speed and efficiency. Our two suites also feature: 

  • Adobe Premiere Pro video editing 
  • Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D motion graphics and animation 
  • DaVinci Resolve color correction and grading 

To see how we’ve put our video editing and other post-production capabilities to work, visit our Video Room.